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Top 10 Characters from Big Hero 6


Big Hero 6, the animated superhero film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Directed by Don Hal and Chris Williams, captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with its lovable characters, stunning animation, and thrilling storyline. 

Hiro Hamada, a young artificial intelligence genius, and Baymax, his pleasant robot friend, are the film’s subjects, set in the futuristic city of San Francisco. They set out on a mission to defend the city from a terrible antagonist with a group of gifted allies. The movie’s lively and diverse group of people is one of its strong points.

Each team member brings unique skills, personalities, and backgrounds, creating a rich and engaging ensemble. From the shy and brilliant GoGo to the loyal and courageous Fred, there’s a character for everyone to root for. This article will further detail the top 10 characters from this movie. What makes them unique, attractive and seductively repellent, and how they contribute to the story will all be covered. This article will undoubtedly offer insight and pleasure whether you’re a movie fan or just curious about its characters. 

Let’s join the Big Hero 6 universe and discover more about some of its most enduring characters without further ado. Following are the big hero 6 Characters.

1. Tadashi Hamada

In the 2014 Disney animated picture “Big Hero 6,” he plays one of the leading roles. He mentors and acts as an example for Hiro, the movie’s main character, who is his older brother. He is a gifted inventor and engineer passionate about using his skills to help others. His portrayal hints that he is a good and charitable person who continuously considers his friend’s and family’s needs. How devoted he is to his career is one of his defining characteristics. He spends most of his time in his lab, developing a revolutionary new Artificial Intelligence technology.

Despite his busy schedule, He always makes time for his brother, encouraging him to pursue his interests and ambitions. Tragically, he dies early in the film in a devastating accident that shakes the entire community. The other characters are severely affected by his passing, especially Hiro, who is motivated to continue his brother’s heroic heritage and establish himself as a hero in his own right. The movie portrays him as a sensitive, polite, and kind man who profoundly affects everyone in his vicinity. His efforts and the example he provided for those who knew him continue to carry on his legacy. 

Many who know him mourn his passing because he is a beloved character who embodies the best aspects of humanity. Daniel Henney does the voice of Tadashi in all mediums.

2. Hiro Hamada

 Hiro Hamada is a 14-year-old technology prodigy, a lead character played in the movie Big Hero 6.  A gifted roboticist, he is a young, clever creator. Ryan Potter provides the voice of Hiro in all media, loosely based on Hiro Takachiho.

He is initially shown to be a troublemaker, using his skills to participate in illegal robot battles for money. However, after a tragic event that takes the life of his older brother Tadashi, He is forced to confront his grief and reevaluate his priorities. Throughout the film, He transforms, becoming more mature and responsible as he works to uncover the truth about his brother’s death and bring the responsible parties to justice. He is also introduced to fellow inventors, who become his closest friends and allies as they team up to stop a dangerous villain threatening their city. 

One of his defining traits is intelligence and ingenuity. He is shown to be incredibly talented when creating new technologies and constantly experimenting with new ideas and designs. But he also experiences inadequacy and self-doubt, especially following the passing of his brother. Overall, He is a relatable and sympathetic character who learns important lessons about grief, responsibility, and the power of teamwork. He is an excellent illustration of a youthful hero who makes positive changes in the world by applying his knowledge and abilities.

3. Fred

Theodore Flamarian Despite being the son of a billionaire, “Fred” Frederickson IV is a complete comic book nerd who works as the “science enthusiast” school mascot flipping signs. His antics amuse, annoy, and help his teammates. He is equipped with a kaiju suit called “Fredzilla” and knowledge of comic book lore. Despite his comic persona, Fred is revealed to be a devoted and dependable friend who is constantly ready to help and cheer on his colleagues. Both quirky traits are his love of monster movies and his propensity to dress like his favourite comic book character.

In addition to his love of superheroes, Fred is a talented artist who creates detailed and imaginative sketches of his superhero creations. He is a vital team member who brings a distinct viewpoint and a sense of humour that lifts everyone’s spirits in trying situations.

Ultimately, Fred is a charming and enjoyable character who adds a feeling of fun and humour to the movie. He is a beautiful illustration of how even the most quirky individuals can make a difference when people work as a team.

4. Go Go Tomago

She is one of the supporting characters in this movie. She is a powerful, no-nonsense young lady who enjoys the adrenaline speed offers her. She’s an expert engineer and inventor who focuses on creating cutting-edge tools and machines that let her push herself to the maximum. Although appearing stern, she is revealed to be a devoted and kind buddy who cares about the welfare of her teammates.

She always sticks up for her convictions since she is incredibly independent, confident, and strong-willed.

Her love of speed and expertise with high-tech tools set her apart. She is shown to be a skilled driver, using her specially-designed motorbike to race through the city and evade danger.  She is a pro at creating energy-efficient technologies and constantly modifies her tools and vehicles to make them more potent and quick.

Overall, Go Go is a strong and dynamic character who embodies intelligence, strength, and determination. Go Go is an excellent example of how women can be fierce and nurturing and is a valuable Big Hero 6 team member. Her love of speed and innovation adds an exciting and unique element to the film, and her loyalty and bravery make her a beloved character among audiences.

5. Wasabi

One of the primary characters in this film is Wasabi. He is a brilliant Artificial Intelligence student and an incredibly talented engineer. Wasabi’s scientific invention resulted in a super-suit with two plasma blades built into each forearm section.

He is shown to be a perfectionist with a keen analytical mind who constantly aspires to excellence. Wasabi prefers logic to emotions and often comes across as serious and no-nonsense, but he does have a softer side beneath his rugged exterior.

Wasabi’s speciality lies in Artificial intelligence and engineering, which makes him an essential part of the team in this movie. He uses his skills to help create Robot Baymax and other gadgets the team needs to defeat their enemies. His logical approach to problems often helps the group develop innovative solutions to complex challenges.

All in all, Wasabi is an indispensable Big Hero 6 team member who adds both brains and brawn to every mission they undertake!

6. Robert Callaghan

Robert Callaghan, or Yokai is a supervillain; he has achieved many incredible things throughout his life and has inspired countless people. He was raised in America after leaving his birthplace of Liverpool, England, as a small child. He’s been successful as an engineer, businessperson, and philanthropist because of his quest for growth and education.

Robert is well known for his humanitarian activities with several organisations that support disadvantaged kids worldwide. He believes that it’s crucial to assist those who face greater hardships than himself. A successful businessman who formed multiple organisations that have experienced exponential growth over the years, in addition to his charitable endeavours, he is also a successful philanthropist. Robert’s achievements demonstrate that working hard can pay off regardless of where you are from or your background.

7. Honey Lemon

 Honey Lemon is a beloved character in this movie. She is a happy and optimistic young lady who loves chemistry very much. She can create chemical-based weapons and gadgets that help her team fight enemies. She is an excellent teammate because she always tries to ensure that everyone in her immediate vicinity is safe and content. Her bubbly personality helps keep the team lighthearted even in dire situations.

She also loves to explore new things, leading to many exciting adventures throughout the movie.  An extremely loyal friend, she will do anything to protect her friends. All these qualities make her a truly admirable character in this movie.

8. Alistair Krei

Alistair Krei is one of the characters in the movie Big Hero. He is the CEO of Krei Tech, a powerful technology company focusing on innovation and progress. Wealthy and aspirational, Krei is a businessman constantly looking for ways to grow his enterprise.

In several depictions, he is shown to be brutal and arrogate, prepared to go to any lengths to accomplish his objectives. This is evident when he attempts to purchase HIs microbot technology, even though he knows it could be potentially dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. 

Krei is revealed to have a soft side despite his bad characteristics, particularly when he regrets his misdeeds and tries to put things right. Throughout the movie, Krei is a complex character who adds depth to the story. He is not simply a villain but rather a representation of the dangers of unchecked ambition and the importance of ethical decision-making.

Despite his flaws, Krei is also an important figure in technology and innovation, and his influence is felt throughout the story. He ultimately plays a crucial part in settling the dispute and gains insightful knowledge about the true meaning of achievement and the significance of relationships. Overall, Alistair Krei is an exciting and dynamic character who adds depth and complexity to Big Hero 6.

9. Baymax 

Tadashi Hamada’s invention, Baymax, is an inflatable medical robot. His physique is soft and huggable, and he radiates friendliness and innocence. Baymax’s programming allows him to scan individuals to diagnose their health status, and he can administer first aid or medication as needed. He is a valuable weapon in Hiro’s quest to fight a bad guy who threatens the city of San Fransokyo because he can fly and has superhuman strength.

Baymax consistently shows his everlasting devotion to Hiro throughout the film, putting his safety in danger to defend and support him through his grief. He also provides comic relief with his lack of understanding of social cues and his literal interpretation of language. Fans of the film adore Baymax, and thanks to his likeable demeanour and appealing appearance, he has become a popular cosplay and merchandise figure. Scott Adsit provides the voice of Baymax in all mediums, loosely based on the character of the same name.

10.  Aunt Cass

Aunt Cass, Hiro’s loving and supportive aunt in the movie “Big Hero 6”, is a strong and independent woman who runs a family-owned cafe in San Fransokyo. 

She is shown as a kind and nurturing character who genuinely cares about her nephew and his pals.  Despite being a worrywart, She is always there to provide emotional support and guidance when he needs it the most.

One of her standout traits is her kindness and generosity towards others. She not only provides a home for him but also opens her heart and business to his friends. 

She respects everyone and challenges them to be the best versions of themselves.

She is a charming character who brings warmth and comfort to the film’s narrative. Her representation in the film also emphasises the value of family, love, and support.


Big Hero 6 is an inspiring and action-packed film emphasizing friendship and teamwork’s importance. The movie’s characters all stand out and are recognisable in their own right, and each one experiences significant and believable growth during the story. Loss, despair, and the importance of family and friends are just a few essential topics covered in the novel. Humour, action, and passion are used in just the right amounts. Further contributing to its appeal are the tense animation and action scenes that make for a pleasurable and visually appealing moviegoing experience.