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Top 10 People Rumored To Be Alive After Death


History is always filled with unexpected unsolved mysteries of fake deaths and reappearances and the center of theories claim that many still live. This list include those people rumored to be alive even after death.

Tupac Shakur (1971-1996)

Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur, a famous rapper was killed in a drive-by shooting. The murder remains unsolved and his fans insisted that Tupac was still alive. The rumors mainly arise when Tupac’s eight albums got released a decade after his death where one of the albums included the song “Blasphemy” regarding “Brother’s getting shot and coming back resurrected.”

Andy Kaufman (1949-1984)

Andy Kaufman
Andy Kaufman, an offbeat comedian, known for playing Latka on the TV series Taxi, died from lung cancer at age 35. Due to the immediate death and because he kept the illness as secret many thought it was an elaborate prank. However his friend Bob Zmuda declared the death of Kaufman.

Elvis Presley (1935-1977)

Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley, the King was in news due to his thousands of sightings even after his death. Elvis’ father Vernon acknowledged that the corpse in the coffin did not look like his son and it arise to several rumors. Presley have been fascinated with The Passover Plot by Hugh Schoenfield and have believed to pull off a similar scheme.

Jim Morrison (1943-1971)

Jim Morrison
The death of Jim Morrison, a lead singer of the Doors from Paris still remained as a mystery. Even though the death certificate claimed heart attack, rumors suggested that an overdose of drugs or alcohol had killed Morrison. Certain reports says that he had been spotted boarding a plane a week later and that he was still alive. Since no one saw his body, his death left as an unsolved mystery.

Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)

Adolf Hitler
Hitler and his bride Eva Braun, committed suicide on April 30, 1945 in the bunker under the Reich Chancellery. But the next day, German radio announced that the Hitler had died leading his troops in battle. Even though Soviet autopsy reports showed that the bodies had been positively identified as Hitler and Braun from dental records, rumors regarding the alleged sightings of Hitler still continued.

Grand Duchess Anastasia (1901-1918)

Grand Duchess Anastasia
Anastasia, the youngest daughter of Nicholas II, the last tsar of Russia, was shot by a Communist firing squad with the rest of the royal family. Anna Anderson, a woman declared herself to Anastasia and began making her claims after being rescued from a Berlin canal in 1920. She was recognized as a Romanov heir, married Jack Manahan and settled in Virginia and later on died in 1984. DNA testing established after her death revealed that Anna Anderson Manahan was not related to the Romanovs but instead came from a Polish family, the Schanzowskis.

Jesse James (1847-1882)

Jesse James
After 66 years of death of Jesse James, a 100-year-old man named J. Frank Dalton announced himself to be Jesse James. Dalton convinced writer Robert Ruark and Rudy Turilli, an acknowledged expert on James, of his claims. However the body buried in Jesse James’ grave undergone DNA testing and the results confirmed that it was the famed outlaw.

Alexander I (1777-1825)

Alexander I
Alexander, the Russian tsar had a sudden death due to malaria or pneumonia. His death was fed with rumors that Alexander had faked his death and secretly abdicated. However while enhancing the mystery around the Tsar, the Soviets opened Alexander’s tomb in 1925 and did not find a body.

Louis XVII (1785-1795)

Louis XVII
Louis XVII died in prison of tuberculosis during the French Revolution. However even before that, rumors circulated that Louis had been smuggled out of prison in a basket of dirty laundry and replaced by a child with rickets. Over a hundred royal pretenders claimed his identity and in a situation Mark Twain satirized in the duke and “dolphin” sections of Huckleberry Finn.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ
We believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. But what happened after his resurrection still a mystery. According to Christianity, Jesus ascended into heaven after his resurrection, but some still believe that he continued to live for a longer period of time, went to America, married Mary Magdalene and taught the people about the new gospel.