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Deadly Everyday Things That Kill You Slowly


Our lifestyle and the foods we consume slowly and unknowingly may contribute to your demise. It is necessary to be aware of certain things in our day to day lives which may act as the deadliest things for our health.



Indians consume a high amount of salt daily per meal without knowing the danger behind it. Salt or sodium increases the risk of heart diseases and stroke when consumed in higher quantities.



Recently studies have revealed that radio-frequencies and their radioactive emissions may lead to cancer. So make sure to keep them out of your pants and to use an anti-radiation patch for your phone that may reduce the adversities to an extent.

Potato Chips


Understand that your favourite deep fried goodies can cause cancer affected to the colon, breast, bladder, prostate and may lead to clogging up your arteries.

White bread


White bread, which is enriched in wheat flour can lead to spikes in blood pressure and may develop type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other conditions like arthritis.



The bitterness in cucumbers is caused by the toxic compounds, Cucurbitacins present at the edges. It is advised to cut off the ends of the cucumber to avoid different kinds of stomach worms and illnesses.



Certain health reports claim that sitting for more than three hours a day may lead to extensive health risks such as organ damage, delayed reactions, muscle degeneration and an increased susceptibility to fast death.



Sleep studies reveal that an increase of sleep is proportional to weight gain and there is a 41% higher risk for heart disease for those who sleep for nine hours at night when compared to others.

Kitchen counters

The granite counter top that emits higher levels of radon is closely related with cancer but may result in slow death.

Fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks

Soft drinks with artificial food dyes and preservatives like Brominated vegetable oil(BVO) may have adverse effects on your weight, teeth, skin and even your blood glucose.

Cold cuts

Cold cuts

All those spicy salami slices and cocktail sausages, loaded with preservatives and additives play an important role in causing heart disease, cancer and learning issues in children.